Studying in Singapore for the first time

Getting The Singapore Student Pass (for the Child)

  • Tuition Fee: 80,000-120,000 RMB/year
  • Living Expenses: RMB 80,000-120,000/year
  • English Proficiency Requirements: To Be Able To Pass The School’s Internal Test
  • Other Requirements: Depending On The Results Of The Online Assessment On Child

Private college students to transfer Schools locally in Singapore:

Transfer to a new school in Singapore

Our consultants will be on hand to offer a detailed assessment on changing to a better school that is more suitable for your child’s pace of study.

There is a need to fulfill the requirements of passing the school’s English assessment test as well as other relevant tests (for international schools) and the Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower local schools entry examinations before being allocated a local school by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower.

Chinese high school students apply to study in Singapore:

Studying at a private college before moving to attain undergraduate degree in the UK and Australia

Two options and educational tutoring courses:

  • Attending a private college (must obtain the required scores from the tests set by the school).
  • Attend a Singapore government school. After taking the Singapore government unified examination, the student must get the excellent results before being admitted to the secondary school arranged by the Singapore government.
  • We are also equipped with teaching professional tutors who are able to provide quality guidance for students attending O-level or A-level training courses.
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  • 学费:8-12 万人民币/年
  • 生活费:8-12 万人民币/年
  • 英语水平要求:必须通过学校内测的英语评估
  • 其它条件:必须根据我们的网络测试而调整符合




  • 就读私立学院 (必须得到学院要求的成绩)
  • 就读新加坡政府学校,参加新加坡政府统一考试后,拿到优秀成绩才能报读新加坡政府安排进的中学
  • 我们也具备教师顾问协助孩子就读 O 水准或者 A 水准的培训班。

Studying in Singapore: Parents using the Singapore Business Visa Professional Method

Parents to obtain a professional business visa which entitles the child a dependent pass up till the age of 21 years old!


孩子的一个家长必须获新加坡政府批准的专业的商务签证。该签证将使得子女获得家属证直至21岁,孩子可以长期居住新加坡报读适合的学院 (通过该学院的必定考试还是需要的)。

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